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James Barden






James H. Barden, Jr.

During his senior year in high school, James H. Barden, Jr. was in Duke medical center dying of an extremely rare and lethal blood disorder (spherocytosis / spherocytic hemolytic anemia) and, as if that wasn't enough, during his spleenectomy surgery (he was born with 4 spleens) he aspirated. Complications (staphylococcus pheumonia) set in, in the center lobe of both lungs, and a 6 month battle for his life began to rage.. a battle that he would lose, but something incredible happened. As he felt his life slipping away, he said a prayer and in that prayer was a promise... "God, you know that I love you, but if you see fit to let me live, let me live for music that helps other people, or let me come home to you." As he approached the most beautiful and purest form of light he'd ever seen in his life, he opened his eyes and knew God had healed him. It was a miracle and a promise he'd never forget .... nor would God let him.  His physician, Dr. Wayne Rundles, the leading hemotologist in the country ... discharged him the following day with the statement;  "you are definitely here for a reason ... one day you are going to be a Pastor."  Never was a statement more true.  Today James Barden is a Pastor... but in a different arena.... through the performing arts.

From that point on Mr. Barden's life was never to be the same. He now belonged to God ... not because God forced him to .... but because he freely chose to believe ... give his life to ... and follow God's Son regardless of any personal cost.

His gifts and musical talents began to soar and take on new meaning ... meaning that even he didn't understand. What happened from that moment in time ... through his stellar career in Hollywood ... and finally the faith walk that brought this chapter of God's "Vision" to fruitation, is in a book Mr.Barden is currently working on titled "Against The Tide" the real story and faith walk behind "The Judas Project". Watch for it in the near future.

James H. Barden, Jr. and his wife Emilijia (Emi) have been married 42 years and faithfully spent 100% of their time, since 1979, bringing Mr. Barden's "Vision" (The Judas Project) not only to the screen in 1993, but to where it is today... living in the hearts of millions who've dedicated their lives to Christ. As Mr. Barden states; "Only God could have brought Emi and me through all the years of unexpected pain and heartache because of the doubts and negative attitudes of so many people even those closest to us. We knew 'without a doubt' and with every fiber of our being, that God put us together and called us to fulfill this incredible vision and that only He could have brought us so far. Where it's ultimately going, only God knows and believe me, He is the only One who has ever known ... that's why it's called a faith walk and why it's been rumored that Emi and I have tunnel vision".

He also went on to add; "Who was it that suggested; 1. "Don't look left or right but keep your eyes fixed on the goal before you;" 2. "Run the race to win;" 3. "Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time. It hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail. Tho it tarries wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay'." 

The Bardens believe in the "whole Bible" as it is written and believe, in their heart with unshakable certainty, that it is the inspired Word of God.

James & Emilija Barden, are absolutely the personification of true soul mates. Through their faith walk they have encountered many difficulties and also experienced the mighty move of God's hand on their behalf. Each time they learned more and more about God's love and His ways, which brought them even closer to Him. The message of their faith is in the lyrics of the song, "Only Then", as it plays over the summation of where their journey brought them ... to a simple hug, Peter embracing the resurrected Christ ... thankful there is forgiveness and a love beyond human measure.







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