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The character of 'Jesse' was played by actor, John O'Banion.

Jesse represents Jesus. So why is he called Jesse? The Holy Spirit revealed that some of us have Jesus in a box where we keep Him comfortably tucked away. Others would not care to see a film about Jesus as they don't know him.

By calling him Jesse, no one has "Jesse" in a box (even though they know its supposed to be Jesus) and those who don't know him will more readily listen to what the character has to say.

It may surprise some to know that Jesus comes from the root and stem of Jesse. Also, Jesse means Jehovah exists ... and; another name for Jesus.

RESULT: The portrayal of the character of Jesse has helped people realize that Jesus is real. You can touch him, talk to him, laugh with him, feel his heart, his love, forgiveness and accept his healing touch.

His eyes and knowing look disarms even the hardest of hearts. As a result people all over the world, of all ages, are coming to know and accept Jesus. Many have rededicated their lives and others have been taken to a deeper faith walk.




The character of 'Pete' was played by actor, Ray Holtman.

Pete represents the disciple Peter. He was a rugged, imperfect, hard working fisherman who was considered to be one of the best at his trade.

Peter wasn't always a "rock". He was human with human failures. At times he fell asleep when Jesus prayed. Once, out of fear, he even denied knowing who Jesus was. Still, he had a heart ... a heart totally sold out to the things of God. It was this man, this heart I wanted to bring to the screen. I felt God wanted me to break the mold .. the "Hollywood image" burned in so many minds today. His character was a giant of a man but he was also missing a right hand. Why? so we wouldn't consider him as perfect; and hopefully, we would learn to look past a handicap and see him as a whole and unique individual ... the way God sees him ... the way He sees all of us ... even through the handicap in our hearts.

Peter could have been anyone of us standing on the beach early in the morning... broken hearted, ashamed and in desperate need of forgiveness for turning his back not only on the Son of God ... But the best friend he ever had.

It was in that moment of need that he reached down deep into his heart, the very dwelling place of Christ, and asked for forgiveness. It was then that he heard a voice behind him, "Do you love me?"

As Peter turned around he was face to face with a resurrected Christ ... a friend with outstretched arms and forgiveness in His embrace. Sometimes like Peter we all need that special touch ... a simple hug that says more than words could ever express.

RESULTS: The portrayal of Peter touched people, of all ages. Many have told me they didn't even notice he was missing a hand or that he didn't say a whole lot ... they just fell in love with the character of Peter. For many, the hug at the end said it all. Still for others, it was also the realization that we can't make spiritual decisions based on what we see or what present circumstances dictate; rather, on what we can't see or touch .... "faith".

Members of various societies for the Handicapped were thankful that Peter was missing a hand. It helped them identify with Peter and to realize that Jesus sees them, as a whole and unique individual with much to contribute.




The character of 'Jude' was played by actor, Ramy Zada.

Jude represents Judas. He is a character we all, most likely, can identify with. Judas was also aZealot and like nost all Jewish Zealots of that day, wanted to overthrow the Roman Empire. Jesus represented a new kind of power he'd never known. Could he have wanted Jesus to use His power to overthrow the Roman Empire? Could he have tried to force Jesus to do just that by betraying him. Remember that Judas wasn't all bad as some would have you believe. He also had the ability to heal others (there were 12 disciples and they went out in pairs to heal the sick, etc.). Even tho Judas betrayed Jesus for this reason, did he really believe that Jesus could be killed? How can you kill the Son of God ... One who raises the dead, heals the sick, makes the lame to walk and the blind to see? If Judas didn't have any feelings for Jesus, why (when he realized that Jesus was going to sacrifice His life) was he so filled with remorse, that he took his own life. I guess the biggest question remains ... why didn't he ask Jesus to forgive him? and , why did he do it in the first place?

RESULT: People took a long hard look within themselves and wondered if they too could posssibly fall into the same trap.




The character of 'Cunningham' was played by actor, Richard Herd.

The character of Cunningham represents the world leader, modern day Rome and the embodiment of Caesar, Pilot and Herod ... all rolled into the very spirit that caused him to seek to control the very thing that already controlled him ... "Power". Why with all his power did Cunningham not want to kill Jesse? Who did he turn Jesse over to?

RESULT: It wasn't Cunningham that ordered Jesse's death ... it was Ponerous. The character of Cunningham made it easy for most people to recognize the fact of how easily pride, power or the love of money can shut out humility ... blinding us to the recognition of Jesus, even if He was walking among us. For the first time they realized the real fight and struggle we all go through.




The character of 'Ponerous' was played by actor, Jeff Corey.

Ponerous represents the spirit of religiousity, division, confusion and pride found not only in Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees and the Seduces, but within many of our houses of worship today. Within that spirit is the lack of love and forgiveness that's presently on a rampage throughout the world even as it was some 2,000 years ago. Ponerous also represents a person so bound up by spiritual laws, that he doesn't recognize the very person God sent ... not to abolish, but to fulfill the law. Instead of embracing Jesse, Ponerous sought to put Him to death.

RESULT:  Ponerous hits too close to home for some. He was one who chose to speak for God so that the people would follow him and "his church". His character answers so many of their questions as to who killed Jesus and how it could have happened. They find it easier to understand the principalities that Jesus fought against. What happened to Ponerous in the Temple is exactly what God said would eventually happen to his kind. It brought out the realization that just because someone claims to speak for God doesn't mean he or she truly knows Him.




The character of 'Jackson' was played by actor, Gerald Gordon.

Jackson's character simply represented a different kind of thief ... one who takes your life. Even though he was portrayed as a hit man ... who killed people for a living, he also recognized who Jesse was. He was also the one who asked to go with Jesse ... as he himself hung from the cross dying. Why do you think Jesse said; "This day you will be with me in paradise?" No one in the theater heard Jackson ask Jesus to forgive him.

RESULT: It was astonishing to find out how many people felt that God (Jesus) knows your heart and that even though words aren't spoken ... He knows whether or not you are sincere. His character hit a lot of people square in the heart and they felt if Jesus could forgive him, He could forgive them.




The character of 'DeCarmo' was played by actor, Ari Barak.

Brother DeCarmo's character represents another kind of thief and robber. He is one who can rob you of your soul. His character is that of a shepherd who takes an oath to lay down his life for his sheep, but when the wolves come, he runs away and leaves them defenseless. He is one who really doesn't know Jesus and one who could never recognize Him ... even if He was dying on the cross beside him.

RESULT: Some people couldn't figure out why he was on the cross. Others, especially Christians, were hit hard by the analogy. It woke up a lot of people.








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