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The Judas Project Screenplay and Interactive Study Guide - PDF Download


Product Description

          "The Judas Project" Motion Picture Screenplay and Study Guide is unique in that it includes the entire motion picture screenplay, lyrics for all 8 songs and an interactive Bible study which divides the screenplay into 26 idividual study scenes.  Each scene directs you to it's roots in the Bible, with all scripture references written out for your convenience.  This is a wonderful and powerful "tool" to be used by an individual, local study group and/or entire church bible study group.  It comes into it's own when used in combination with the Motion Picture and the Motion Picture Soundtrack.  As you view the Movie ... follow along in the study guide word for word what the actors are saying, along with the lyrics of each song.  At the end of each scene pause the movie and begin the study portion which shows you where everything you just saw is located in the Bible ... with all scripture references written out.  You can go over as many scenes as you wish at any given time.  You will find that "The Judas Project" holds true to the Word of God and, being set in modern day, will make you look deep inside yourself.   

          It is most effective when you, your study group, or church body watch the entire movie before beginning a Bible study.    Use the movie's Soundtrack to help set the mood for your study.

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